153 Podcast

The 153 Podcast: Frs. John Finley and Joseph Huneycutt offer audio glimpses of Antiochian parish life and the American mission field.

Book Studies

Books studies on evangelism are a great way to foster interest and support in a parish. We recommend starting with “Ask for the Ancient Paths” by Fr. James Guirguis. We also have a discussion guide available HERE.


The department host organized and hosted several webinars on evangelism.

Onboarding Visitors

This resource was developed by Fr. Matthew Thurman in Chagrin Falls, OH, with a little assistance from Dn. Adam Lowell Roberts. Fr. Matthew is in the Cleveland area with 30 Orthodox Churches nearby. It is common to receive Orthodox visitors, and he realized he needed to be intentional with their visit.


St. Nikolai Cross Reference

St Nikolai of Zica (Velimirovic) (1880-1956) has been called the “Serbian Chrysostom” for his theological depth and golden-tongued eloquence. 

In this downloadable pdf file, you can cross reference St. Nikolai’s homilies from the Prologue of Ohrid to the gospel/epistle of the day. 

Spirit of Welcoming Report

This project is designed to measure an aspect of parish life which is difficult for the parish to accurately assess on its own: how welcoming it is to visitors. As an individual who feels drawn to Missions and Evangelism, I wanted to design a project that worked to strengthen this ministry in America. How welcoming our parishes are to outsiders is one aspect that, historically, Orthodox parishes have struggled with. Orthodoxy has never been “mainstream” in this land and is even still viewed as a foreign religion by most. That has caused the ethnically Orthodox to huddle together for strength, often at the exclusion of outsiders. However, Orthodoxy has tremendous potential to convert many in this land to the fullness of Christianity. We must grasp the divine command of Christ and bring this land into His fold. One way we can work towards this end is by evaluating the “Spirit of Welcoming” at our parishes. 



Retreats have a deep history in Christianity, often with an emphasis on asceticism. Beginning with the withdrawal of Jesus into the desert to overcome His temptations, we have seen “withdrawal” as a way to look inward and transform our hearts. Retreats offer a time for introspection, reflection, and a building up of our relationships with one another. We have cultivated a series of retreats that non-Orthodox friends, family, and co-workers can be invited to. The Dept. of Missions and Evangelism is available to offer the following retreats in your area.

Fr. John Finley

  • The Inner Heaven of Man is an exploration of the healing of the Mind, Heart, and Will according to St. Nicholai of Zica. Presented by Fr. John Finley.
  • The Only Stranger in Jerusalem is a Paschal retreat which explores the chronological appearances of our risen Lord and how He revealed Himself to Luke and Cleopas.

Fr. Joseph Huneycutt

The Two Trees explores the following:

  • What led to the fall of the Archangel Lucifer and one-third of the heavenly hosts?
  • What caused the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve?
  • What causes our own stumbling?
  • How can we identify the traps and temptations of the enemy?
  • How do we get back up once we’ve fallen?

How can we struggle toward God-pleasing solutions – even the Kingdom of Heaven? This combination Workshop/Retreat not only investigates “Original Sin,” but also those little niggling missteps that originate with us — bedeviling us, leading to the Passions and hampering Virtue. This presentation excels in helping a community understand repentance and the sacrament of Confession. Though perfect for Lent and fasting seasons, it may be used at any time of year as an aid in spiritual warfare. Presented by Fr. Joseph Huneycutt.

Paul Finley

The Sermon on the Mount takes us through one of the key teachings of Jesus and how that impacts our daily life. Presented by Paul Finley.

Fr. Adam Lowell Roberts

Pioneers helps us understand how the Pareto Principle of 80/20 is affecting our churches? On average, 20% of our people are the core in terms of volunteers, stewardship, and more. How can we grow that core from both inside and outside of the church? The retreat leader helps the group make some observations, find a direction, and then execute a plan.

“From start to finish, the Pioneers retreat was engaging, but also, the most elusive aspect of many parish retreats… practical. Were we inspired? Yes. Were we challenged? Yes. But most importantly, time was set aside for us to discuss as a group what we could do with what we had learned, rather than allow time for our good intentions to fade. I would recommend the Pioneers retreat for any parish feeling they are stuck in a rut or unclear where they are heading. The Pioneers retreat will provide you with both the boost and the tools you need to begin creating a vision and finding a direction for your parish.” Kenny Scott