“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations”

Matthew 28:19

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​Diocesan Missions Coordinators are Ex-Officio members of the Dept. of Missions and Evangelism. These local representatives assist the missions in the respective dioceses in many ways, including but not limited to collecting and compiling reports, communications, and visitations.

Dioceses of Los Angeles: Fr. James Coles, Mesa, AZ
Diocese of Miami: Fr. Philip Rogers, Memphis, TN
Diocese of New York/DC: TBD
Diocese of Oakland: Fr. James Purdie, Hampton, VA
Diocese of Ottawa: TBD
Diocese of Toledo: Fr. James Ellison, Urbana, IL
Diocese of Wichita: Fr. Aidan Wilcoxson, Cedar Park, TX
Diocese of Worcester: Fr. Joseph Kimmett, Norwood, MA
Western Rite Vicariate: Fr. Mark McNary, Ft. Worth, TX


The Department of Missions and Evangelism was fully funded in 1987. The first full-time Chairman was the late V. Rev. Peter E. Gillquist. After Fr. Peter’s retirement in 2011, the V. Rev. Michael Keiser was appointed the new Chairman. Fr. Michael served for five years until his retirement in 2016 when the V. Rev. John D. Finley was appointed the new Chairman. At the same time, V. Rev. Joseph Huneycutt was appointed the new Vice Chairman.